Personal Training

People engage in exercise for many reasons to get in shape, to improve overall health and wellness, lose or gain weight, to enhance athletic and functional performance, to increase strength and endurance . . .All of these goals are best and most efficiently achieved with the knowledge, guidance, and expertise of an experienced fitness professional. Eric will design a personalized workout that is constantly changing to ensure that you experience constant progress and resist boredom. The evolution of this process varies from person to person and is dependent upon ones age, genetics, goals, coordination, current health status, initial fitness level, prior exercise/athletic experience, and *motor competence.

*Motor Competence: the ability to learn and execute new movement patterns safely and effectively.

  • One-on-One
    These are 60-minute personal training sessions with you and Eric in an intense and fun experience working to become a better you. Remember, "It's all about ME!"

  • Buddy Training
    Do you have a committed partner that you could share the benefits of Personal Training with at a 20% reduction in cost per person? Then Buddy Training is for you. Two people can share training sessions. Eric will structure a workout that is suitable to obtain the goals and needs of the duo.

  • Small-group Training
    This is 3 to 5 clients participating in sessions which can range from a strength training circuit utilizing resistance bands and medicine ball to core stability and balance training. Prices for group training will be based upon group size and training location.

  • Post Rehabilitation
    Many individuals experience injury. Others become inflicted by muscle skeletal disease or have a corrective surgical procedure that had required them to be under the care of a physician, physical therapist or another type of medical professional. Continued strengthening and other therapeutic exercises to enhance balance and muscle contraction speed are usually needed after their initial rehab has completed. Eric will coordinate with your physical therapist or other healthcare provider to assist you in returning to your prior functional level. The program design will be individualized and geared toward the specific injury and your overall functional enhancement. The rates for post rehab services are the same as listed in the personal training price list.

Locations of Training
All of the above listed Personal Training Service can be conducted at various locations such as Fitness First Heath Clubs located in Montgomery County and throughout the Metro D.C. area. Eric also offers Personal Training in your home, residential gym, at your office/work facility, park, or any other creative location mutually agreed upon.

Weight Management Consultation and Support Services
Do you wish to gain better control over your health and appearance? Are you interested in losing some of those irritating pounds or inches? Is gaining weight your goal for a particular sport such as football? Or, do you want to maintain your current size but just want to acquire the needed nutritional skills to improve your long-term health and vitality. Let Eric help you gain the control that you so desire. He will help you devise a comprehensive plan to achieve your desired goals. You will learn practical skills that will help you make sound food choices. An organized approach to ones daily eating habits is the best way to establish this control. You can purchase this service alone or as a part of a personal training package. Allow 60 minutes for the consultation.
The Weight Management consultation includes the following:

  • Body Fat measure- to establish a baseline and show a comparative history of changes in body fat and lean mass over time

  • 9-site circumference measure- shows changes in inches and symmetry over time

  • Meal Plan- provides a detailed breakdown of the meals, foods in the meals, protein, carbs, fat values, and daily totals

  • Shopping List- provides a detailed list of all of the required foods and quantities needed to follow the meal plan

  • Food Exchange List- this is a list within each food group, these foods can be exchanged for each other. You can use this list to give yourself more choices.

  • Handout Packet- with a variety of articles to help expand your knowledge base on several health related topics

  • Strength Training and Cardiovascular Exercise Recommendations

Body Composition Analysis and Assessment
This is a package offered to individuals who are not in need of a comprehensive assessment but want to know their current measure of body fat and circumfernce measures. Allow 30 minutes for the assessment. This package includes the following:

  • Body Fat Measures- 9-site skinfold caliper measures taken to estimate your overall body fat percentage.
  • Girth Measures- 9-site circumference measurements to determine your change in inches.
  • A packet of informational handouts to help you get started
  • Strength Training and Cardiovascular Exercise recommendations

Home Gym Setup

$85.00 per hour
Do you want to create your own home gym but need the help of a fitness professional? Eric can come to your home and show you how to utilize your space and consult you on various improvements to help you get the most out of your gym.

Phone and Email Consulting
$65.00 per hour
If you live outside of the Metro D.C. area (District of Columbia; Montgomery and Prince Georges County, MD; and Northern ,VA), then call or e-mail me to set up 60 minute blocks of time to do phone or email consulting.

If you are interested in becoming a Musclenergy client, please complete this questionnaire.

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